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How To Harvest Oregano

How To Harvest Oregano

Oregano is an herb that can be used fresh or dried for use later. If you grow your own oregano, you will need to know the proper way and time to harvest. This video provides instructions on how to properly harvest your oregano.

Hi, my name's John from Growing Life, London, UK urban and indoor garden specialists. And today, we are going to talk briefly about how to harvest the herb oregano. Oregano can either be used fresh or it can be dried, maintaining nearly all of the goodness and essential oils within the plant for use at a later date.

Now, if I just want to harvest a small amount of oregano, then I might just want to take a few leaves from the stems. Literally, just using the leaves and you can discard of the stems. If however, I wanted to take a slightly larger harvest, then I'll look to take a leaf and stem section about 6 inches long cutting from the top.

When we do this, it will actually grow back and grow more stems. So, the process of harvesting will actually encourage and promote further growth. We do want to best harvest before it goes into its flowering mode.

If you do see flowers, it's really best to avoid harvesting from that plant and choose a plant that's pre-flower. Once you've harvested your oregano, it's a delicate herb so do handle it with care. And it can be washed and either used immediately or dried and transferred to air tight containers for use in the months to come.

My name's John, from Growing Life, London, and that was a brief instruction on how to harvest oregano. .