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How To Hatch Quail Eggs

How To Hatch Quail Eggs

If you want to hatch quail eggs, here is your short guide. Find out its incubation period and other things to be considered for a healthy batch of quails to be born.

Hello, I am Nino Castellano from welwynquail.com and today I am going to talk to you about quails. Quails actually vary from species to species.

At the moment, we are talking about Coturnix eggs. These eggs to hatch will take 17 days which for the first 15 days, it should be kept on an average temperature over 37.5 degrees Celsius and a humidity about 40 – 50.

It is very important because drops in temperature and humidity, big variations, they can make the embryo too big or too small for the shell. If there is too much humidity, the egg does not lose enough dampness and enough egg yolk and the chick inside, the embryo inside, will grow too much which means on after 17 days, when it is time to hatch, you try to break the shells to come out, it's not able to turn into the shell and will die. Vice versa, if the humidity is too dry, the egg loses too much moisture and the chick inside grows too small.

On the 17th day, when it's time to break the shell, it goes round inside the shell, try to break the shell but the only thing that hatching it is to break the membrane inside the shell but it's not able to come out over the embryo. So, it is very important that your temperature and humidity for the first 15 days is spot on. Any variation in this can evade the shell other than a time during the 15 days.

On the 15 days, you stop the incubator, the eggs turning, and you increase the humidity to 60 – 70%. You drop the temperature to 37 degrees Celsius and you do not move the eggs. Hopefully, on the 17th day of the incubation, the chick should break out the shell and hatch providing the eggs have started to soften.

On the 17 days, when the quails will be hatching, these eggs, they can hatch in within a period of 24 hours. So therefore, before picking up the babies from the brooder, you leave them there for 24 hours. One of the reasons is first of all, they have to absorb the egg yolk to avoid infection and the other thing is because in the incubator, this moment of time has created many environments like for the humidity and temperature, some of the quails, they hatch within the 24 hours.

When the 24 hours are due, you just open the incubator, make sure that you have got some sort of boxes or blanket or something surrounding the incubator because when the incubator is open, it is kind of erupting, the quails start jumping out of the incubator and they can go everywhere. So, it is advisable to have some sort of a box, put the incubator in a box or to have a blanket around it so that when these babies explode out of the incubator, they can be contained within the box or blanket or whatever you have got available to contain them. This is the short guide to hatching quail eggs.