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How To Have A Great Relationship With Your Father In Law

How To Have A Great Relationship With Your Father In Law

VideoJug presents a simple video on how to have a great relationship with your father-in-law. With advice from counsellor Hillie Marshall, here are various tips and advice on how to adapt to this new relationship.

Step 1: The father-in-law's role

Respect his place in the way he runs his household. If your partner is his daughter give them some space and time to themselves. Try to interest yourself in his hobbies, even if it's just having a chat / drink together.

Don't step on his toes or try to usurp his place in his daughter's affections.

Step 2: The marital role

If you're the son in law, you're the guy looking after your father-in-law's daughter - don't give him any cause to worry, don't mention past relationships. Appear to be a very dependable, responsible person.

It can also be very flattering to ask his advice whether you're daughter or son-in-law.

Step 3: The ongoing relationship

If you're daughter-in-law he may want to protect you as his new daughter. If son-in-law you're now part of his pride, so he may want you to succeed and do well, so listen to and appreciate his advice.