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How To Have A Healthy Body And Mind

How To Have A Healthy Body And Mind

Tony Buzan is a best-selling author and leading expert on the brain and learning, and has worked as an adviser to Olympic athletes. Tony aims to educate the world in how to think and live more efficiently. In this film he talks about the need for a healthy mind and body, to get the best performance in all areas of life.

Step 1: Mind & Body Connection

To be mentally healthy, you need to be physically healthy, and vice versa.

Step 2: Mind & Body Foods

The body and mind need to be fed with:
Good nutrition, so eat well.
Stimulation of the senses.
Friendship, affection and love.

Step 3: Be physically fit

Fitness requires:
Cardiovascular exercise, which makes the heart beat fast for 20 minutes or more, at least 2-3 times a week.
Flexibility, which is gained from activities like yoga, stretching etc.

Step 4: Poise & Balance

Poise and balance, gained from Pilates, yoga, Alexander technique, martial arts. etc.

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