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How To Have An Old Fashioned Christmas

How To Have An Old Fashioned Christmas

Creating a traditional Christmas is easier than you think. Watch this video from VideoJug to learn how easy it is to bring back the days of old for the holidays.

Today, we are going to show you how create an old fashioned Christmas. I'm not sure whether show is the right word, but we're certainly going to give you hundreds of ideas to make it a really fantastic old fashioned, traditional Christmas. And it all starts with who you invite.

Absolutely! The main thing is that you have all your friends, your family, all come over, and you need to make sure of the main thing, that Santa is there. It doesn't really matter who Santa is but preferably someone who's quite big and fat, who's got a fake belly. That's really going to cement the whole thing.

Often, at office parties, they will have traditional Christmas. They will have chestnuts roasting by the fireplace. They will have winter wonderland, little lights all over the place.

They will have little minced pies. What is that lovely drink? Mold wine as well being served from Peter goblets. Carol singers at the door.

Good King Wenceslas looked out. You know this or not? I know it! It's fantastic. All of those things, whether it's the smell of the mold wine or the taste of the minced pies and the Carol singers when you enter, creates the perfect atmosphere.

Beautifully dressed Christmas trees, huge, big Christmas presents, old fashioned decorations about the place. Huge green wreaths with big red bobbles, hollies, ivy, and don't forget to hang the mistletoe. Why? Your kiss at Christmas, that's what everybody needs.

Who knows what gets under the mistletoe at the Christmas parties? Decoration as well is so important. Whether it's hanging icicles from the ceiling or paper chains around the room using the right types of colors, adding feasting everywhere. Making sure Rudolph visits with Santa Claus.

Wreaths on the door, somebody to open and give you cookies, all those things that make you have that warm fuzzy feeling for a wonderful, traditional Christmas. .