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How To Have Super Strength

How To Have Super Strength

Do you dream of being a superhero with super strength? Of powers beyond your wildest imagination? Super strength needn't be the result of radiation exposure. Let our band of super heroes guide you through a clever lifting technique to make you look as strong as an ox!

Step 1: You will need

  • 4 People to lift
  • 1 Person to be lifted
  • A Chair
  • An open mind

Step 2: The setup

Place a chair in an open space so that your movement is not restricted. Use a standard desk chair, without any arm rests.

Sit the person chosen to be lifted in the chair. Do not pick someone too large at first, but gradually try larger and larger people to see what you are capable of.

Step 3: Strike the pose

The four lifters should bring their hands together with forefingers and index fingers pointing outwards, and the remaining fingers clasped around each other.

Step 4: The test lift

Two lifters should stand behind the liftee, and one at either side of their legs. With hands in the position described in step two, place the protruding fingers under the corresponding pit, whether that be knee or arm.

Once everyone is comfortable, lifters should count to three and all lift up with their fingers at the same time. You may manage to lift the person slightly, or maybe not at all. If the liftee is boosted straight up in the air, then they are far too light and should be changed for a heavier subject.

Step 5: The power of the mind

Once you have established how difficult it is to lift the subject, it is time to employ some simple "mind over matter" to increase your strength.

All lifters should place each of their hands in turn above the head of the liftee. You must all clear your minds, and focus as hard as you can on the idea of lifting up the person in the chair.

Visualise lifting the person as high as your arms can stretch. You must picture yourselves with huge arm muscles, and "feel" immense strength in your arms.

Whilst doing this, repeat over and over in your heads or out loud: "Light as a feather, strong as an ox". This mental preparation should last for about thirty seconds.

Step 6: The Super Strength

Remove your hands one by one, from top to bottom, and whilst remaining focused on the visual imagery, resume the lifting position. Yet again, lift on the count of three.

If you have done everything right, you should lift the person with remarkable ease to a remarkable height. Always remember to lower the subject carefully.