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How To Heal Dry Feet

How To Heal Dry Feet

This video talks about how to get rid of dry skin on the feet

Hello I'm Charles Goldman, a qualified Chiropodist/Podiatrist. I run “The Foot Pad” chiropody and physical therapy clinic in Coven, Central London. Today I'm going to talk to you about various foot problems and their treatment.

In this video were going to talk about the excessively dry feet. If you have really dry feet the problem is the lack of moisture in the skin. This is very common in big cities like London where the water is very hard and tends to dry your feet out.

The obvious thing is to use a good moisturizing foot cream. Unfortunately, a lot of people use body lotions and creams like that which are really not rich enough. Most foot creams contain 15 percent urea which is a natural moisturizer.

This is very effective in treating the dry skin. You apply this once a day possibly for several days and this should solve the problem and then constant maintenance involving once a week or maybe once every ten days. The most common areas for dry skin are around the outside of the heel, the ball of the foot, the toe joints particularly the outside ones and the side of the big toe.

This is the most common areas. The way we recommend to treat this is as ive said is to use a good foot cream; something like “CCS foot cream” or anything with 15 percent urea. These are available at chiropodist, podiatrist, or most pharmacies.

Don't forget to rub the cream well in. you don't need to use too much and then massage it well into the skin and when its absorbed then you can apply tour socks and carry on as normal. Maintain your smooth soft skin; use a foot file at home.

Just gently rubbing around not every day, once or twice a week and that should keep it at bay. If you find you can't control it like that and need help, go to your professional, your chiropodist/podiatrist well use something like a drill with a small sanding disk to smooth off the skin after we've removed the excess.