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How To Hear Your Real Voice

How To Hear Your Real Voice

Professional singing teacher Sonia Jones tells you why recording yourself singing helps you discover your real voice and what type of music you may be destined to perform.

How to hear your real voice: Well, when students come to me, I, the first thing I do is record them, and they listen back and they really don't believe they could sound like that. And the only way to improve is by recording. It's the fastest way because your brain tells you what you like.

Another method is finding the right direction for you. A young man came in to me and he thought he was going to be a musical theatre singer. And he sang to me, and he had the most fantastic rock voice.

And I recorded him singing a rock song, and he couldn't believe it. Now, he's quite a famous star. To realize the potential of your true singing voice, it's very important what your tone is, and many pupils come into me for the first time, and they think they're something that they're totally not.

And the best way is to record them singing the different styles, and let them hear it back and see which one suits. So it's important to record your voice, and listen back. Finding the right direction whether it's country, jazz, musical theatre or rock, R&B, it's very important to find your direction.

And the third thing is to identify with the tone of your voice to which sort of music sounds the best. And that's how to hear your real voice. .