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How To Help An Egg Bound Bird

How To Help An Egg Bound Bird

Poultry farming is a good and profit-earning business but you actually need to know how to take good care of your chickens. In case a chicken gets an egg stuck and faces problems in laying an egg, then you have to do something fast. Learn how to help that chicken.

In this video, I am going to show you how to perhaps help an egg-bound chicken. It's not a 100% proof at all and there's no guarantee that she will be successful but it can, sometimes, help enormously. You know they are egg bound because they walk in and out of their nest box, so the walking in and walking out, they just look restless.

And perhaps if you look around the vent area around the back here and it might be slightly swollen and hard and it might tell that an egg bound chicken has got an egg stuck in the back passage here. So, through the vent here, this is the vent area here, so the thing is to get some Vaseline or some olive oil here and just massage it into the vent area there and just try and sort of ease the egg out. Another thing to do is to put a little of olive oil into her food and that might just make the egg pass through quicker.

But what I would not suggest is don't try to put your fingers in and pull out the egg, rather you would break it and then you are in big problems because the egg breaks inside the chicken and it can often be fatal. So, I say that if you think that she is egg bound, it doesn't do them any harm at all if you put a little bit of olive oil in that food just to help ease the egg through that passage way and as I say, plus just massage here around that vent area just to ease in and you might be able to help her lay the egg but that's about probably as much as you can do to help her. And that's how to help an egg bound chicken. .