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How To Hem A Dress

How To Hem A Dress

This Videojug film demonstrates a simple technique one could employ to alter the length of a dress. By following these simple steps, you can complete a professional hemming job with your own personal touch. This hemming video can also save you money if you do it yourself instead of taking it to a professional dress maker.

I am going to show you how to shorten a dress. Now this is a vintage dress. I would like to shorten it by the amount of the original hem.

This is quite an easy job. I am just going fold up the original width. If this was a much thicker dress, I might want to unpick the original stitching and trim away some of this bulk underneath, but for a cotton dress I can get away with just folding this up.

So I will be just measuring as I go along that I am doing an even amount, I am going to pop some pins in. When you are hemming a dress, I look how the original hemming was done and I am going to replicate that stitching. It's originally been done on the machine, so when I take this to the machine, I am going to copy the original stitching.

Now there is curve in the hem so I have to put a few plates as I go along. And I want to take this to the machine and machine hem done. I always start stitching at the side seam towards the back of the garment just so that any reversing is not visible.

I am just using a straight edge stitch to go all the way around this hem. So I am stitching quite close to that folded edge. Just taking my pins out as I go along.

When I come towards the edge, I just align up with my original stitching and do a reverse. Pull my work out to the side, remove all my pins and then I am just going to put a nice press on the edge of that hem. And that is how you hem a dress.