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How To Hem Jeans

How To Hem Jeans

This VideoJug film will show you how to hem your jeans when needed. The simple tips provided will ensure a perfect trim each and every time.

I'm Reno Wuther, working with Sonofastags. Sonofastags works for different denim jeans brands around the world as consultants and has a store in London. We're going to show you how to look after your jeans and get the best from them.

I'm going to show you how to hem jeans. First of all, you should have actually measured the amount that you need taken off on the leg. So on this occasion, we've worked out, it's going to be two inches.

When you make your measurement on the jeans, you need to make sure that you take into account any shrinkage. If it's an old pair of jeans, you need to make sure you're going to get creases behind the knees when they're worn. So that rides the jean up.

So having allowed for that, we've measured that it's going to be two inches that we need to take off. So we've measured two inches there. We draw a straight line across, parallel to the bottom of the existing hem.

Then we allow ourselves roughly an inch below that for the cup line so we actually cup the jean an inch or so below because you need a fold on the inside. We then - being very careful with the scissors because these are great scissors which will cut through your fingers quite easily - we cut through and discard that little trimming. We reverse it around and measure the other side with the same measurement.

So that will meet up on both sides. So that's the same length on reverse. We then take that.

Bear in mind that we need to do a three-fold on that pair of jeans. So starting at one of the hems, on the side seams, we fold that roughly into half because it's got to fall back onto itself. So there you are.

That fold, and then you fold it back onto itself. And then, you will actually put that through the sewer. So if I show you now, you need to make sure that that is actually held in line with the line that you've drawn.

Put it under the sewer, and that's the beginning of the hemming. So after that, you just make sure everything stays in place and off we go. Keeping in mind that that line is a guide for the fold.

That's the bottom. The first line that was drawn, that's where you want to finish up. And then, we go through all the way down.

Carry on, keeping that guide in place. And then near the end, we just trim off the excess. So that is the finished product there.

So you have a nice clean line. That's the initial marker. And that's how you hem a pair of jeans.

That's how you hem jeans. .