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How To Hide Wrinkles

How To Hide Wrinkles

Learn how to look younger in minutes with this easy-to-understand make-up tutorial by a professional and celebrity make-up artist. It is essentially helpful for hiding wrinkles.

How to reduce wrinkles? The key to reducing wrinkles is making sure the skin remains very moist and soft, so not too much powder and ensure you moisturize really, really well. First step is to make sure you apply a good amount of rich moisturizer. Make sure you apply plenty of moisturizer, particularly in the areas where you have more wrinkles.

The next step is to create a foundation which is very, very moist. So, apply the foundation, either with your hands, or your fingers, or a sponge, whatever you're used to. The foundation you use is key.

Try something like a tinted moisturizer, something that's not too heavy and doesn't cake on the face. When you are blending in under the eyes, where there tends to be more wrinkles, be very, very light with your touch and tap very gently. You don't want to pull or drag too much.

The next step is to apply the powder. Make sure you put a small magic powder on your brush and then tap it away. You don't want to have a too much of a caked face which has got so much powder on, it just sits within the lines and the wrinkles.

So, tap and dust very gently, this will ensure there is not too much shine and most importantly, foundation stays on for most of the day. So, just a recap, ensure your skin is moisturized, use a very creamy, light foundation and powder very, very gently. So, that's how to reduce wrinkles. .