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How To Highlight Your Hair With Hair Foils

How To Highlight Your Hair With Hair Foils

Fancy a change of hairstyle? London hairdresser Brad from Colour Nation shows us how to easily highlight hair with hair foils to achieve professional looking results.

Today, we are going to show you how to highlight hair with hair foils. For the base highlights and lowlights, we want the end result to be quite natural. We have chosen our ash blonde, a warm blonde and a lowlight.

But also choosing the pattern that I am going to be working in, we want it to fall very naturally. Firstly, I am going to be using very fine highlights. I am also going to be working in the back section, I am going to be working vertically so that the highlights all fall.

Then, we are going to work through the top and I am going to do some diagonal highlights through the front so that they all move and fall nicely. So, we have worked with the natural patterns and the natural fall of the hair so that the highlights are falling naturally. And that is how you do highlights with hair foils. .