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How To Hit A Driver

How To Hit A Driver

This video showcases how to hit the driver in the best possible manner. Follow the four simple steps to improve your golfing skills.

Hi there! Today, I am going to talk to you about the best and most effective way to hit the driver. Step one is to hit the sweet spot of the driver and this is located halfway between the left and right sides and also slightly higher than the center in modern golf clubs which is about there. Step two is to swing smoothly and rhythmically, making sure you do a full shoulder turn and letting the club to do the work.

Step three is making sure you don't move your head, so that it doesn't move too far to the right or too far to the left on the back swing and down swing. Step four involves weight transfer and making sure we don't transfer too much weight on the right hand side on the way back and similarly much weight on the way through. So, with the final step is just to make sure your weight stays centered when you make the turn.

So, in summary, you should try and hit the ball with the sweet spot of the driver. You should also swing nice and smoothly and rhythmically. Thirdly, you should try and keep your head nice and steady throughout the shots and lastly, try to keep your weight centered as much as possible.

And that is how to hit a driver. .