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How To Hit High Notes When Singing

How To Hit High Notes When Singing

An opera singer and singing teacher explains how to hit your high notes better and demonstrates some exercises on how to achieve rich high notes when singing.

I'm going to talk to you now about how to hit high notes when you're singing. Singing high is the thing that makes most people most awkward. We feel very tense and very anxious when we have to sing high notes, quite often.

First, make sure you've warmed up your voice. Once you're feeling comfortable and free, I want you to start with this exercise. Singing up and down a 5th and as you get higher, it'll want to become EEAA because you'll want to get space into that sound.

Make sure that it's always connected, that the bottom notes flow all the way up into the top note. Stay focused on that open and relaxed sound that you have, in the middle of the voice, and just gently stretch it upwards. As you take that one higher, you'll start coming to something called the passagio, that's the break.

When that happens, I want you to stop and relax and switch to the second exercise I'm going to give you. Just using your light head voice, I want you to slide up and down a 5th. Again, focus on keeping it relaxed and connected as you slide up.

Use that nice round and open space you have on a low note, and just try and keep it there. Now, as you take this exercise higher, once again, you'll come to the passagio. When that happens, the larynx will want to go up, so you'll want to do this.

You can hear that, the space inside my mouth gets smaller. If that happens, stop, relax, breathe in, breathe out and try it again, focusing on keeping the larynx out of the way. Once you've got the hang of this, go back to the exercise that we started with.

Now, this time, I want you to keep that sense of lightness and that sense of space that you got before. But, now, to reengage your full voice, so move up incrementally by step, always focusing on that freedom of sound that you got before, but connecting your whole voice. Commit to that first note, use that open and resonant space and then you should feel a very healthy stretch as you go up to the high note.

And those are my tips on how to hit full-bodied high notes when you sing.