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How To Hold A Golf Club

How To Hold A Golf Club

A golf professional shows the proper way to hold a golf club by marking your hands with a pen and lining up the marks with the grip of the club.

In this video, I am going to show you how to hold a golf club. First step - you need a pen or a marker to mark your hands - first step, I am going to mark a little cross in the dip at the bottom of my left thumb. I am going to put two more lines on my hands.

One is in the crease just below the little finger. The second one is on the middle of my left index finger. Next, take your right hand and put a little mark across the middle of your right index finger, and a mark for the bottom of your left little finger.

Step two is to hold the club about 45 degrees up from the ground and be sure the leading edge is pointing up towards the ceiling. You then place the grip of the club on the two lines we've drawn on our hands and wrap the left hand over the club. Whilst keeping the leading edge square, we make sure the cross we've drawn on our left hand is directly on top of the club.

Step four is to apply the right hand to the club, making sure the grip rests on the two marks we put on the right hand. Then wrap the right hand around the club. Step five, you can see the back view of the grip.

You can see my little finger of my right hand rests between the middle and index finger of my left hand. Step six is making sure we have enough grip pressure on the grip. And it should be a seven or eight out of ten, but our wrist should still be able to do this.

So, in summary, we need to make a mark just in the dip below the left thumb, the middle of the left index finger, the crease just below the left heel pad, the middle of the right index finger, and the bottom of the right little finger. From there, we apply the grip to those marks and close the left hand, making sure the cross is directly on top of the club, then apply the right hand on the marks and wrap the right hand on top of the club. And that's how to hold a golf club. .