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How To Hook Up Computer To Tv

How To Hook Up Computer To Tv

In this Videojug clip, an IT service engineer takes the viewers through the various steps required to connect a desktop or a laptop to a big television screen. This will be very useful if you want to see a bigger size of the presentation from the computer.

If you want to get a bigger picture of your laptop or desktop screen, you may want to hook it up to a TV screen. And I am going to show you how to do it in this video. Few things you need to know to hook up a computer to your TV.

First is you have to have your HDMI cable, which looks like this, with two identical ends. Your laptop should have an HDMI port. Usually, it's on the side of the laptop and looks like this.

Your TV should have a HDMI Port. It's located at the back of your TV, and usually playable HDMI1 and HDMI 2. First, what do we do? Take one end of the HDMI cable.

We plug one end of the cable in to the side of the laptop and the other end of the cable, we plug in in to the TV. In our case, we plug it into the HDMI 1 port. Now, as the laptop and the TV are hooked up together with the HDMI cable, now we can turn on the TV with the above button on the remote.

We will do that. Now, right, as mentioned before, we press the input button and the menu appears. And here, we should select arrow buttons on the remote the correct input which is HDMI1.

This is where we plug in our HDMI cable. And we will see the picture on the TV corresponds to the picture on the laptop and it matches. And this is how to hook up a computer into a TV.