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How To Hook Up HDTV

How To Hook Up HDTV

If you are setting up HDTV for the first time, or if you just need a refresher, this video can help. A Micro Anvika home cinema expert will guide you with clarity through the confusing mess of cables associated with your HDTV and just what's to be done with them all.

Hello, my name is Andre Skepple. I am the TV and home cinema expert at Micro Anvika, Westfield branch. I'm here to show you how to set up your home cinema equipment.

I'm going to start with the television. As you see, I've stuck a 40-inch LCD back-lit television here, full high-def ready but we've got nothing connected. The first piece of equipment we're going to set up today is this right here.

This is a Blu-ray player. Stick the first cable through, which is the power cable. Next thing we need to do is the all-important HDMI cable.

This cable is very important. Make sure you always buy this cable whenever you buy a television or a Blu-ray, because most time these cables don't come inside of them. What we're going to do now is we're going to stick this cable into the cable arrangement part.

We're going to connect it into this port here. And now, simply enough, we'll connect it to one of these ports. So this is the second HDMI port.

When we finish connecting all our equipment up, whenever we set up our source it will be this port that we refer to. The next cable that we need to worry about now is the coaxial cable. This cable will plug in right into the antenna input here.

The next thing we're going to connect now--which a lot of people do tend to mess up--is this little thing here. This is called a TOSLINK, or an audio optical cable. This cable here can give you stereo sound, it can give you a higher-definition sound, or it can give you the 5.

1 surround sound, which most home cinema systems use today. Associate this to "Audio Out (Optical)." What we do is we will just plug this right in here, like so.

And then with our home cinema system you just plug it straight in where it says "Optical In." Now, once we have all these cables connected, you are now set to turn on and then to order high definition.