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How To Hook Up Surround Sound To A TV

How To Hook Up Surround Sound To A TV

In this video, Videojug viewers will be shown how to hook up a typical surround sound system to their TV set. Ilya, who is an IT technician sufficiently relates to viewers the ins and outs of cables and the connections that need to be made to properly install a surround sound system. You will see close up views of the cables and their ports which will be the example you need to get your very own surround sound system in working order.

Here we can see a typical example of a surround sound system. Five point one, it is called. It contains a Sony DVD player, a front speaker, rear right speaker, rear left speaker, two front speakers a subwoofer and the additional amplifier.

Also in the box you will find a set of cables which are used to connect all the bits I showed you earlier. All of these cables correspond to each of the speakers and so you won't be confused. All of these cables are similar apart from the colour.

A typical cable has one end which looks like this and the other end has got two wires that are split with the red stripe. The red stripe indicates that it is the plus, or, the positive. Here we have two cables, red and green and they correspond to these two speakers, to the front right that you see here and to the centre speaker.

You might have noticed that the label front right, is red, which means you have got to plug in the red cable, into the speaker. The cable with the red stripe on, which is plus, goes to plus into the speaker. You bend down the little plastic bit and you insert the cable and release the plastic bit.

And, the same plastic bit at the other end of the cable. And, you bend it down, insert into the hole, and, release. And, it should be tightly in.

None of your cables should be loose, otherwise it will not work. As you've noticed the other ends of the cables look like this. And, they do go in the back of the DVD player which is an amplifier.

If we turn it around we can see, in the back, a set of ports, which is again a colour coded speaker and correspond to each speaker. Which is again, front right, front left, and, so on. We take one of the cables say for example a red, which is our front right speaker and we insert it fully in which is the front right slot.

And, again, there is the green cable. It goes into the green slot which is the centre speaker. We'll just hold that up and put it fully in.

And, you do the same procedure with all the other speakers. If you look again at the back of the speaker and on the labels, labels say front left and front right and the speakers should be positioned . , one should be on the left, one should be on the right, usually on both sides of the TV, or, the room. Be sure you don't confuse this.

Here you can see a typical set up of our surround sound system. You can see two speakers by the side of the TV, the one on the left and the one the right, central speaker, just below the TV, a subwoofer which is underneath the TV, it can be on the side of the TV, it doesn't matter, and two speakers at the back of the room. Usually they can be placed on the wall or by the side of your centre front.

This is how you hook up a sound surround system to a TV.