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How To Ice Skate Backwards

How To Ice Skate Backwards

If you feel that you need to step up your ice skating skills by skating backwards, here's an ice skating coach that will show you how.

Okay, so one thing that a lot of people want to learn when they come on the ice, already eager, is to master skating backwards. There are various ways of doing it. What I'm going to do in this particular segment is to show you the evolution of which you do very very basic steps to backwards which we would teach, any coach would teach to a beginner, and then we're going to develop that into actually gliding and pushing properly backwards.

So, we're going to amalgamate the two real sorts of major stages of skating backwards in the proper fashion, not just by wiggling your hips and by chance moving in a backward direction, okay. So, we're going to start off with backward penguin steps. The position that you've actually got when you stop, when you put your toes together and heels out, how are we going to start in this particular section? Okay, so you're going to start off with your toes together, heels out, knees slightly bent way over on the inside part of the blade, all you're going to do on this particular move is just rock from side to side, picking your feet up.

If your weight is this, your feet should be in the correct place and you would progress backwards naturally. I'm going to show you that once more. Bend your knees, keep your tops to your sides together, arms out slightly in front of you, toes together, heels out, weight in on the inside part of the blade, and as I said, just rock in from side to side, you should grip the ice and start to pick up speed.

As you can see, what I'm not doing, which most people do when they first learn backwards, is just wiggle your bum and by chance move backwards. Hopefully, you'll see aesthetically, it's a much nicer way to actually skate backwards. Now that we've mastered the backward penguin steps, we're going to now try a much more advanced way of skating backwards, actually pushing, gliding, holding on to the backward edge for a count of 2-3 seconds.

This is going to start off again on keeping it rough in there with your hips, keeping it slightly in front of your body. Then you have your feet together, bend your knees. You're going to turn your left foot or your left heel out, keeping the toes together.

Your right foot is going to become your standing foot. The left foot is going to bend and grip the ice on the inside edge. As you're gripping that ice, all of my body weight is channelled down that left side.

You're going to grip the ice, push, hold, rise up, feet together, bend, transfer your weight onto the right side, grip the ice, push and hold. Rise up and you're going to repeat those steps in order to obviously pick up speed and glide backwards. Okay, so we've learned how to start off skating backwards for beginners with the backward penguin steps and you can actually the way that it evolves with the backward pushing and gliding, making sure that you keep all of your weight over that pushing side and then holding on to the back edge for around about 2-3 seconds, rising up in between and then repeating it.

And that is how you learn to skate backwards. .