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How To Import Videos Into Itunes From Your Hard Drive If You Have A PC

How To Import Videos Into Itunes From Your Hard Drive If You Have A PC

This VideoJug film will show you how to import videos from iTunes to your hard drive if you are using a PC. This allows you to take films you have downloaded or put onto iTunes and have them on your hard drive and PC.

Step 1: You Will Need

Ipod, usb or connector and videos

Step 2: Launch iTunes

Double-click the iTunes icon on your desktop to launch the program

Step 3: Find Your Movies

Two of the most popular video formats are MPEG-4 and H.264. You can choose any videos in these formats you have stored on your hard drive to bring into iTunes and your iPod.

Step 4: Drag And Drop

Move the cursor over the movies you want to bring into iTunes, and just drag and drop the files into the iTunes window to import them into the program.

After dragging and dropping, click on the Movies link in the iTunes source list on the left side of the iTunes window, and you will see all the videos you have imported.

Step 5: Sync Your iPod

Plug one end of your USB connector cable or dock and into the bottom of your iPod and the other end into the USB port on your computer.

Your home movies will sync with your iPod and you can share them with the whole world. Or anyone you force to watch them!