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How To Impossible On A Skateboard

How To Impossible On A Skateboard

The ollie impossible is a retro trick derived from a pressure flip. Here in this video you will be able to see an "ollie Impossible" demonstrated and also, a descriptive walk-through on how to perform the trick yourself!

Hello, I'm Bryce Campbell - sponsored skateboarder. And I'm here to show you how to do an Ollie impossible. Now this trick, for a bit of history on it is quite a retro trick derived from pressure flips, before a lot of people were getting too far off the ground.

This trick is where the board is going to come up 360 and going to wrap around your back foot and the rotation of your back foot is going to bring it back, therefore "360" landing back on the board. If we look at it on the ground imaging, the back foot was in this corner here as you jump, put pressure on the back foot, slide it up, bring your foot around and then land back on there. If we look at the trick here, foot in the corner here, by pushing down right in that corner, it's going to make the board come up slightly, then that is where you are going to get the scoop.

If the board does not come up, you will not get any scoop, therefore the board will not come around. It is very important to get that pressure that half corner pressure going that will bring it back around. That is how you Ollie impossible on a skateboard, its good trick to learn and loads of varieties of them, you can "180", "360" with it, a fun trick to be able to do.