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How To Improve Self Awareness

How To Improve Self Awareness

Self-awareness in the integral part before you make any changes in yourself. To improve your self-awareness, Creative Arts Harvey suggests some coaching tools for you try.

A large part of being creative is to hone in on who you are as a person. What really matters to you and what makes you tick? So, first things first, you need to learn how to actually improve your self-awareness, look at who you are as a person. So, there are lots of different tools and things you can use to hone in on your self-awareness but the most important thing would be to look at your balance chart.

A balance chart which is currently being shown on screen, so within the balance chart, you'll see that there are various areas to anyone's lifestyle, from health to family to relationships. What you can do, say for instance, set some time aside on a Monday morning for instance, and have a look at where you sit within these. So, rate yourself between 1 and 10.

If you're a 10, then it's fantastic! If you're a 5, then you're midway. So, just hone in what is actually working for you in your life at the moment and see if you can make some steps to make some minor changes. So, a week later, have a look at your balance sheet.

If you come out with a 10 on one area in one week, perhaps you make it to a 10 again or a 4 and if so, look at the drastic differences and see where things are sitting in with you. Also, keep a check on how things are going and how you're feeling about these particular areas. It's an effective coaching tool for you to actually tune in and look at the areas in your life which are working and become more self-aware of what's working for you.

In addition, what you can do is sort yourself out with a diary, a personal diary of where you actually evaluate over a series of a week, the best things that happened to you on that particular day, how you felt about each of those things and what could have been improved and if there are any highlights, and then what you can also do is have a look with you this list to see what's working and what isn't working. So, a balance chart and keeping in check of yourself through a diary are effective coaching tools for you to really hone in and become more self-aware with who you are as a person. .