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How To Improve Self Confidence

How To Improve Self Confidence

An expert in public speaking explains why joining a public speaking club can be the route to greater self-confidence in other areas of your life as well.

Hello. My name is Michael Ronayne. I'm a director of the College of Public Speaking, and I'm going to be talking about different aspects of public speaking.

How to improve self-confidence? Well, the first thing is don't run away all the time from the thing that makes you nervous. You know, if you think of a sportsman trying to increase his strength, he doesn't rest all the time. He actually works the muscles that he needs to strengthen in order to increase that particular strength.

So the thing you need to do, is if you're feeling unconfident about something, is to go and do it. And this is why we often recommend public speaking as a great, great exercise in developing confidence because it works on two levels. On the first level, most of us don't like public speaking.

We're nervous about public speaking. So actually getting on your feet and doing it, is you're sort of slaying a demon, and what often happens is if you overcome a phobia or something that you're scared about, it actually gives you confidence in other areas of your life as well. And one of the great serendipities of public speaking is people often say that once they learned to speak on their feet, they were much more confident on one to one conversations, they were much better at interviews, they were much more capable.

They felt much more in control when they were dealing with other people. So the act of doing public speaking will increase your general confidence. But on another level, the reason I recommend public speaking is that while you are learning public speaking, you're actually learning some of the physical and psychological techniques that make you seem confident.

A person who's under-confident has usually very poor eye contact. They don't like looking at you. Well, learning public speaking, you need to look at people.

You're taught to do that. Someone who's under-confident maybe mumbles and doesn't speak very clearly. Well, if you're going to do public speaking, again, you will learn to control your voice and speak in a clearer manner.

And equally, someone who's under-confident probably has a slightly negative or defensive body language. Again, you're trained to do the mechanical things that make you seem confident. So if you want to increase confidence, join a public speaking club.

I highly recommend it. On the one hand, you're slaying a dragon that everybody has, and that will help you with your other dragons, but on the other hand, while you're doing that, you're actually learning the techniques of seeming capable and confident. .