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How To Improve Writing Skills

How To Improve Writing Skills

Watch this Videojug movie to get a quick overview on how to improve your writing skills. It starts from finding out your weak areas in terms of writing and strengthening them through a variety of ways. The dictionary and thesaurus are two great friends of a writer. It's nice to have a mentor or to be part of a writing group as you develop your skills, too. Some nice tips on character development and plot development are also shared in this video.

In this video, I'm going to give you some tips for how to improve your writing skills. Now, the first thing to do is figure out what your weaknesses are. Now, it's often very easy to figure out what someone else's weaknesses are, but not necessarily our own.

So, it may help you to have a friend or a teacher read what you've written and help you to identify what are the areas most in need of improvement. They fall into several different categories. It might be that you have some problems with grammar, punctuation or spelling or vocabulary.

And of course, our old friend's here, the dictionary, it's helpful in terms of spelling, and the thesaurus is helpful in terms of vocabulary. Lot of people now, of course, refer to these online rather than the big books here. But either way, it works for you, so go ahead and use those.

When you find you're looking for different word choices, then use the thesaurus. Don't automatically go for the most obscure word, though. Keep it in tune with the style that you've been writing, but both of those are really helpful.

You may also find perhaps that your characters are kind of flat. So, you need to work on developing the characters if you're writing fiction particularly. Just think about what motivates them, what they like, what they wear, imagine what they would do in the kind of things as you go through your days, so if you're shopping, what would they buy? Those will all help you to make your characters better and make them come alive on the page.

Sometimes, plot is a weakness. It's kind of challenging to write a good plot. Typical errors are starting too soon, in other words, your character gets ready, makes breakfast, goes out and nothing is really happening.

The story kicks in five or ten pages later. So, start at the start of the real story, sometimes the middle sags, so you got to find ways to keep the action going in the middle and sometimes, the endings are not really believable, the ending should come out in the middle. Again, these are things on separate videos on some of these elements that you may want to look at.

But basically, plotting is one area that is quite a challenge to master. Or perhaps you don't write descriptions so well. In that case, I recommend practicing by going out, let's say, go to the supermarket, when you get home, write a description of everything you can think of to make that setting real on a page.

So, just to summarize in terms of writing skills improvement, what you can do is to look at where your weakness is, identify it first, then use the tools available to you like the dictionary and the thesaurus and analyse plots that work and see where you don't work, if that's the case. Practice writing descriptions and get help from a writing group or a writing class. And if you do those, you'll soon see a big improvement and you'll know how to improve your writing skills.