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How To Improve Your Creative Thinking

How To Improve Your Creative Thinking

Want to know how to be creative? There are several techniques you can use to unleash your inner creativity. In this film brain guru Tony Buzan talks about how to develop your creative thinking, and apply it in many different ways.

Step 1: Everyone is Creative

It's a misconception that some people are not creative. The brain has a million brain cells, and has huge powers of creativity. Many people are just not trained to tap into their brain's creative potential.

Step 2: The Left & Right Brain

The left brain tends to deal with words, logic, numbers etc, and the right brain tends to deal with colour, shapes, rhythm etc. However, it's another misconception that creativity is purely right-brained. Real creativity involves both sides of the brain.

Step 3: Speed of Thought

Training the brain think faster can help improve creative thinking. Exercise the brain with things like sudoku, crosswords, puzzles and chess, and try to do them as fast as possible.

Step 4: Originality of thought

Try to think about things in as many different ways as possible. Think 'outside the box.'

Step 5: Flexibility of Thought

Most people tend to focus on one way of perceiving the world around, to improve your creativity try to discover and explore as many perspectives as possible.

Step 6: Imagination & Association

Great creative thinkers use their imagination, and then try to make links and associations between things. Find new connections between things is a way of creating something new.