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How To Increase Chest Size

How To Increase Chest Size

Show Off your assets to their best advantage! In this step by step guide we will discuss a number of different natural ways you can do it!

Step 1: Underwear tricks

Get a proper bra fitting and then splash out on a Push Up or Plunge bra as they're designed to push your breasts up and out. Foam, air, and gel inserts are made to be inserted into your bra but if you do this, make sure the fit isn't too tight and it doesn't look like you've been shot in the back by a couple of cruise missiles. Silicone inserts are good here as they look more natural than other inserts.

Step 2: Over time

Strengthening and toning the pectoral muscles helps make them look bigger by making them sit higher and more evenly on your chest. Start doing some daily pectoral exercises like press ups and pull ups.

You can also try massaging in circular motions each day to help stimulate circulation and tone-up the fatty tissue. Sesame seeds are also very effective. If this regime still hasn't made any difference then you should move to defcon four....

Step 3: Spruce Yourself Up

Horizontal stripes with a high neckline are a good, but you should also try experimenting with ruffles and frills to draw attention to all the right places!

Wearing spaghetti strap tops and accessorizing with low hanging pendants will draw more attention to the area. If you're wearing a low cut top, apply eyeshadow or blusher, a shade darker than your skin tone, to the middle of your chest to suggest shadows. A touch of shimmery glitter on top will highlight the rounded top and make your chest look fuller.