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How To Induce Labour

How To Induce Labour

This Videojug film is designed to show you how to induce labour. The video shows number of natural, alternative, and medical ways to help get labour started as the condition requires.

How to start labour? One - babies don't quite do the things that we expect. We discover that week 40 is the week for our babies should arrive. But babies don't tend to arrive bang on week 40.

About four percent of the population have their babies on their estimated due date, remember those words, Estimated Due Date. Term is anything from 37 weeks to 42 weeks. But you might find as you go across to 40 weeks, in the 41-week knock, then you really want your baby to come.

You have two options. First is a medical induction, but do your research and find out the pros & the cons of a medical induction. Really, those should be kept for, if there is a specific medical reason why your baby needs to come now.

If it's simply because you are tired and you are feeling heavy, then perhaps you might like to look at more natural ways of bringing the labour on. So, there are lots of old wives tales out there, talk about castor oil, eating pineapples, etcetera. Again, with everything, do your research.

Sex - fantastic way to start labour because of the whole remains that is pushing to your body. So, have a lot of sex even though you feel a little uncomfortable. I am sure you can keep one in positioning.

Make sure you could probably go and see an acupuncturist who can do a session which induces labour or reflexology or homeopathy. These are natural ways to bring on labour but remember, even the natural ways are about you trying to make your body decently, then it might not be ready for, so lots of sex, looking for some alternative therapies and as a last result, if there is a medical reason, medical induction is one to be done likely. And the natural way of inducing or bringing on labour is homeopathy or acupuncture or reflexology.

Look for a trained practitioner but again, as with medical induction, do your researches first, know the pros and know the cons, and be sure that what you are doing is safe for you and your baby. And that is how you start labour.