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How To Influence People

How To Influence People

Get hold of the power to influence people. This short video shares how you can be of impact by speaking in public.

Hello, I'm Sarah Lloyd-Hughes from Ginger Training and Coaching, and today I'd like to give you a bite-size coaching technique on personal development. If you would like any more information about my self or my company, please visit go-ginger.com.

Whether you're trying to change something for the better or become well-known, influencing people is an important skill. So what can you do to improve your influence? Imagine that you had hundreds of people listening to you, observing your message and acting on your advice, would that be enough influence for you? Well, the most powerful way I've seen in that kind of influence is to jump up on stage and speak in public. It outweighs every communication type we have at our disposal, mainly because so few people are willing to do it.

So, here are three very quick tips focused around how public speaking can help you influence people. And if you like these, I'll show you how to find out more at the end of this video. The first tip is to get over it and get out there.

Public speaking is a fear of so many excellent people in the world. So if you can overcome that fear and be the one to stand up in front of a crowd, you instantly become the one with the influence. The public speaker automatically takes on the role of the expert just because of you, talking, and them, listening.

So, battle through the nerve and give it a shot. Secondly, use your presenter's tool kit to influence your audience. Your presenter's tool kit is your body, voice and mind.

These are the tool at your disposal on stage. Cut out any embarrassing or distracting habit and replace it with powerful persuasive gesture and movement that demonstrate your authority in a subject. Finally and most critically for influencing people, structure what you say in a way that leaves the audience with a compelling reason to act.

This is what so many speakers fail to do. Yes, make you and your audience confident in your abilities. Yes, make them like you, and then request them to do something next.

Don't be afraid to move your audience. Whether you're selling a product or encouraging a change in mindset, this is the most critical part of your presentation for your influence. As I mentioned at the start, these are three really bite-size ways to up your influence.

If you'd like to work on this some more, we have a super program called Public Speaking with Wings which is especially designed for aspiring public speakers who want to increase their impact. Head on over to Ginger Training and Coaching's website, go-ginger.com, to find out more. .