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How To Install A Farm Gate

How To Install A Farm Gate

Add a new level of safety and security to your country property with the installation of a properly hung gate. Two farm fencing experts demonstrate this ‘DIY’ project from start to finish. A few important steps help insure that the next time you hang a gate on your land it will swing correctly and not sag over time. Brought to you by The Progressive Farmer, the authority on country living and sponsored by John Deere. Visit www.progressivefarmer.com today.

Step 1: Begin to install the gate

Hi, I’m Dan Miller, Senior Editor with Progressive Farmer magazine today we’re going to talk about one of the more common jobs around the farm and that’s hanging a gate. To walk us through the process is Alicia Hamman she’s our fencing expert today. Alicia what are we going to do?

Well first we’re going to talk about the brace that we’ve already got installed making sure that they’re sturdy and then we’re going to talk about how to install the gate. What’s this string for?

Well one of the first things we do is we set the string that way we can get our line straight to set our posts. Right here the braces that I was talking about earlier. One of the first things Dan you want to do is to take into consideration the lay of the land. You want to set the posts on the high side of the ground to keep your gate from dragging.

Step 2: Add a brace.

This is our brace pole this adds sturdiness to the fence and to the gate.And what do you do with this? This is our landscape spike we use this to connect the brace pole.We’re about to snap the line why do we do that? Well first it’s so that we can drill the hole and put our hinges in and make sure our gate is going to hang level.And you’re putting this line right down the center of the pole. Exactly. OK, you ready to snap it? Yep, Good job

Step 3: Mark posts, drill holes.

We’ve snapped that center line now what?Well now Jean my husband is going to bring the gate in so that we can mark the post and drill the holes. Dan will you help is with this gate real quick? Sure. So I can look at it get it level put a mark on the post so we can drill the holes for our hinges. Jean’s now drilling the hole for the bottom hinge to establish where the hole will go on the top.We’ve got two different kinds of hinges here. Besides the size difference what is the difference between the two.

Step 4: Establish Top Hole.

Well this one comes with the gate and this one is a little sturdier and this is the one we’re going to use. Our next step is to measure from the bottom of the bottom hinge to the top of the top hinge to establish our top hole. The next step is hanging the gate, as you’ll notice the top hinge is facing down this adds for security so no body can remove the gate off the hinges. This type of hinge also makes it easier to level the gate.

Step 5: Put up fence.

Hold this side up like your doing, Jean will hold his up we’ll get it level and make sure that our hole is drilled where it needs to be. It looks like it going to be fine to set that post and then we can go from there. To set the post we poor the concrete in dry so we can tap it and get it tighter.Well we’ve hung the other half of this fence now what do we do they’re not exactly in alignment.

Step 6: Adjust with the adjustable hinges.

Well this is where the adjustable hinges come in and Jean’s going to show us exactly how to do that. Now what I’ll do is hold the gate up until it’s level Jean’s going to tighten the bolt up. We’ll stand back and look at and see what we’ve got.I’d like to thank Alicia and Jean Hamman for the work in putting up this gate today. They’ve been fencing for eighteen years now you may have some ideas of your own but we hope in the end you can take some tips away from this project. If you’re interested in this project and others go to progressivefarmer.com click on projects you can do.