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How To Install And Charge Your Zune

How To Install And Charge Your Zune

Follow these simple VideoJug steps to see how easy it is to install and charge your Microsoft Zune MP3 player.

Step 1: Out of the Box

Included is a USB cable, you will use this to charge and upload music to your Zune PC to your Zune.
You will find headphones and small spongy coverings for the ear buds, called headphone socks. Fit them snugly onto the ear buds.
Finally, remove the owner's manual, carrying pouch and the software CD.

Step 2: Charge

Plug the larger end of the USB cable into the bottom of the Zune. Then, connect the smaller end to the USB port on your PC.
Don't turn on your Zune until it's fully charged -which takes up to three hours- and until your computer prompts you.

Step 3: The Install

Insert the CD into your computer's CD drive. Your computer should automatically recognize the CD and begin installing the software
Make sure you are connected to the internet, as your Zune software will need to search for the latest updates.
When prompted by your computer, turn on the Zune by pressing the Play/Pause button until the screen lights up.
Your Zune may require an update to its firmware, the software built-in to the device. If it does, updating will begin automatically.
The installation program on your PC will ask you if you wish to “Sync your Zune”

Step 4: Tip

Be aware, your Zune comes with some free preloaded goodies. Syncing your Zune will erase all of that content. So, if you're not done enjoying what's already there, hold off on Synching your Zune and choose the guest option on the “Relocating” screen.