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How To Install Google Chrome

How To Install Google Chrome

How To Install Google Chrome: Google chrome a very popular web browser by Google. In this video Steve ling is telling us how to install Google chrome browser on your Personal Computer.

Hi my name is Steve Lings from PC Paramedics. I am going to give you some useful hints and tips to get more out of your computer using experience. Some of you might have noticed a new icon appearing on your desktop since last windows update this is the icon here.

The first thing to do is to look at this particular application by double clicking on it and reading what Microsoft is saying. This is telling you that there are many web browsers out there and this particular applet features just a few in fact 5. We click here on OK it will go to the internet and you can see the 5 that is offering you.

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox well lot of you have heard these particular names, internet explorer 8 the latest iteration in internet explorer, opera's browser and the well known safari that comes with most apple macs. So you choose an example and i will choose Google chrome because its the closest one to me. We just click on install.

That takes you to web browser page gives you the opportunity to accept the license and intsall the browser. We are now downloading the Google chrome browser and installing it automatically. Very little for the user to intervene.

Behind that particular window its telling you thank you for trying Google chrome. As soon is Google chrome is downloaded and installed one can start using it as your browser.
Lot of people find differnet browsers faster than others or have features they prefer its really a matter of experimentation.

So we just installing Google chrome now its almost complete. As you can see from the dektop we have already installed Mozilla Firefox. Here is an important choice which you need to make.

Do you want to make Google chrome your default browser or you would prefer to leave the other alternative browsers as default one to open up a webpage. I am going to say don't make it my default browser but i am going to say start Google chrome. Its importing all of my history from previous browsers and it offers me the opportunity there quite clearly because Google chrome is from Google to use Google as my main search engine.

So if we close that down now you can see that Google chrome has installed a desktop icon a shortcut from we open it up you see how fast Google chrome is to install because there is very little behind it to slow it down.