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How To Install Or Change My Computer's Graphics Card

How To Install Or Change My Computer's Graphics Card

Philip Bourton, from Vista Technology Support shows VideoJug users how to install or change a graphics card, within your computer's tower.

Step 1: You will need

  • An anti-static wrist strap
  • An electrical screwdriver
  • Memory Modules

Step 2: Static electricity

Static electricity can seriously damage the components inside a computer. To avoid this you must ensure you are grounded when operating inside your computer. One way to do this is to purchase an anti-static wrist strap which you should wear at all times. The wrist-strap plugs into an electrical socket which will automatically discharge the static electricity in your body.

Step 3: The graphics card

The graphics card or video card translates information into the graphics and text that appear on the monitor screen.
Most motherboards now include a slot specifically designed for the graphics adapter called the AGP slot. This stands for Advanced Graphics Port.
Modern graphics adapters usually incorporate some memory right on the card to improve their performance.

Step 4: Getting into the tower

To get into the tower you will have to remove the panel which is on the right hand side when viewing the tower from the back. Open this side of computer case by removing the screws at the back of the tower which are holding it in place. Then simply slide the panel off.

Step 5: Removing the old card

Locate the old card on the motherboard and remove it by firmly lifting it out of the slot it occupies.

Step 6: Physical installation of the new graphics card

Insert the new card, ensuring it is firmly pushed into the slot.

Step 7: Getting going

Replace the tower's side panel, switch the computer on and install appropriate software that came with the new card.