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How To Install Or Change My Computer's Power Supply

How To Install Or Change My Computer's Power Supply

VideoJug has joined forces with Philip Bourton from Vista Technology support to show you how to install or replace your computer's internal power supply component.

Step 1: You Will Need

  • An anti-static wrist strap
  • An electrical screwdriver
  • Memory Modules

Step 2: Static electricity

Static electricity can seriously damage the components inside a computer. To avoid this you must ensure you are grounded when operating inside your computer. One way to do this is to purchase an anti-static wrist strap which you should wear at all times. The wrist-strap plugs into an electrical socket which will automatically discharge the static electricity in your body.

Step 3: The power supply

This supplies power to the other components, which is why it has so many wires coming out of it.
It is usually positioned at the back top corner of the computer case. The power supply has a fan built into it to keep itself and the computer cool.

Step 4: Getting into the tower

To get into the tower you will have to remove the panel which is on the right hand side when viewing the tower from the back. Open this side of computer case by removing the screws at the back of the tower which are holding it in place. Then simply slide the panel off.

Step 5: Disconnect the power cables

Cables from the power supply should be connected to each component requiring power. These cables are easy to disconnect simply pull out the plugs from the sockets on the back of the components. The plug and socket on the motherboard are a different shape from the normal type, but it should come out just as easily. It may be a good idea to write down how many sockets were disconnected so you can make sure they are all reconnected later with the new unit.

Step 6: Remove the power supply

Remove the screws at the back of the power supply unit while supporting it with one hand. Once the screws are undone it should be easy to slip the old unit out of the tower.

Step 7: Power cable connection

Screw in the new drive then connect the power cables to every component that was originally connected. Remember if any components are left unconnected they will not work.

Step 8: Getting going

Switch the computer on, if all the components have been connected you should be ready to go.