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How To Install Roll Roofing

How To Install Roll Roofing

In this tutorial, Videojug takes you through the necessary tools and easy instructions to installing a felt roll for the roof and other tips to keep in mind.

We're going to start installing or I'll show you how to install a felt roof. Because this is a natural roof, I've primed the roof already. I've primed right around about 6 inches off the deck because that's the minimum requirement of felt roofs to keep it water tight and so the water doesn't either overlay the felt and I'm now going to start on pinching to our underlay which will start creating a two-layer felt system.

I've measured the roof out entirely so we're now where the felt should be and I'm now going to start burning it to the roof itself. This is a 13-kilo calor gas which I've got a gas attached, make sure it's connected all tight, with no gas leaks in, and I turn it on. Once we've obviously got the gas working, it's very important to have a fire extinguisher around in case of any accidents.

We're now going to heat the felt with our gas gun so it will heat on the other side of the felt so it will stick to our roof. We heat our felt probably 3 or 4 times across, then it should stick to the roof itself. You see that's pretty stuck now, so we just carry on rolling and sticking that felt in.

We're now going to put the next piece of felt alongside our first one. It's very important to have lacquer felt so it's completely water tight. Again, using a tin bar at arm's length, this will keep it nice and away from the flame.

Now, we're going to install the second layer of the felt in your roof and I'm just going to measure it out. It's very important to cross from the felt, again with where the water's running, so you start from a lower point first and work your way back to the highest point. I'm just going to use a tin bar to push that felt as tight as we can to the corner of the wall or the roof, so we'll see if there's no chance of the felt splitting.

We're going to scrape up, we can heat the felt and push it to the wall, so there's no chance of the felt coming unstuck. And that's how you install felt roll roofing. .