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How To Install Roof Flashing

How To Install Roof Flashing

Here is a guide on how to install lead flashing to your roof. It may be quite a labor but it pays off with a strong roof.

This is how to install a lead flashing. First of all, we're going to trace in the brickwork 6 inches above the flat of the roof and we grind in the wall, probably an inch to an inch and a half, and this is basic lead, 6 inches wide, and we want to keep the measurement of the lead at about a meter and a half. Where we've traced the lead, we will trace the wall and push the lead in so it's firmly in about an inch.

I'll get now a scrap piece of lead that we cut to an inch. I'm going to do a couple, we roll them up and they will become a lead bun. We have a hammer and we flatten to one corner so it's easy to get into the chase and I'll push it to the wall so it stops the lead falling out.

Use a hammer to push the lead in and again, hammer and chisel to get it right in there. Once you put one bun in there, it becomes pretty sturdy. The lead shouldn't fall down.

Obviously, the more you put in, the sturdier it becomes. I will probably put in maybe 10 inches or 8 inches apart and repeat the same as the previous bun. We've now installed our first piece of lead and the next piece, we want to overlap the lead to about 6 inches, just give it a little mark so you know where to take the lead to.

Pull into that over the lead because obviously, if you just burrow that next to it, there's a chance of water ingress behind the back of the felt, so obviously it's very important to make sure you've got about 6-inch overlap of the lead and obviously you put more in there, our lead buns in the trace. Again, the more buns you put in the lead, the better and the stronger it becomes. Trace the lead into the wall so it becomes a lot tighter.

Obviously, you want to put the buns all the way through and make sure the lead is completely secure. For finishing, that will just be a point in the gap right along to make it as water tight as possible. And that's how you install a lead flashing. .