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How To Iron On Letters

How To Iron On Letters

Iron-on letters are perfect for creating t-shirt designs with your name and creativity on it.

Hi, my name's Lalji Varsani from Crystals R Us. Today, we will show you various aspects of how to apply iron on items. Okay, today, I'll show you how to iron on letters.

Today, we are doing fabric ones and rhinestone ones, two different styles which I'll show you. So, choose your fabric letters and try to cut the letters which you want. Cut the individual letters whichever you want.

First, select all the letters. It's going to be easy to iron on and when they are ready, you have to decide where do you want to apply them, if it's in the middle or on the side or on the side corner, and just peel the packing of the letters. Take the white packing off from the letter and place it the way you want it, diagonally or straight or any way you like it.

Place all the letters first this way and once you're happy with that, or you can just move them if you're not happy, and then you place the greaseproof paper on top, and just 10 seconds, and the transfer will be on the t-shirt. And then, remove the clear plastic on the top when the letters are a little bit cool like 2 seconds, and the name on the t-shirt is ready. You can get your own name t-shirts ready to wear.

Now, I'll show you the other method of rhinestones letters which can be used as well. So, you take a sheet of transfer letters. Cu the letters the same way you did.

Make all the letters ready before you start ironing. You can create any letters even though they are not enough on the sheet by moving with the fingertips. Place the letters the same way as you did the fabric ones.

Once you're happy or if you want to adjust them, you can. Once you're happy, cover with the greaseproof paper and just press the hot iron for 20 seconds. Because it's rhinestone letters, so you'll need 20 seconds to transfer them on the t-shirt and they'll be ready in just 20 seconds, then you get your own t-shirt ready.

And this is how we create our own t-shirts. Hope you enjoyed our little demonstration. If you wish to order any of our products, please visit crystalsrus dot com and you can email us and we'd be happy to answer any questions you have.