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How To Iron Trousers

How To Iron Trousers

Ironing trousers is easy if you follow Video Jugs short, expert step by step guide. Trousers with no creases will soon be the norm! A perfect guide to iron your trousers.

Step 1: You will need

  • some trousers
  • An iron
  • An ironing board
  • A spray bottle filled with water
  • A Cloth/tea towel
  • Some White vinegar

Step 2: Methods

There are two ways of pressing your trousers for that important date or meeting.
The traditional method is with an iron.
Alternatively, you could use a trouser press

Step 3: Be Prepared

Use a steam iron and a sturdy ironing board to make the task easier. Make sure the ironing board is set to a comfortable height for you.

Switch the iron on.

Check the label on the inside of your trousers to identify what temperature the iron should be set to, and adjust the temperature dial accordingly.

Keep a spray bottle filled with water nearby to help you in the event of any stubborn creases.

Step 4: The trousers

Lay the trousers out flat along the length of the ironing board, positioning one leg over the other.
You could spray a little water over the trousers to make ironing out creases easier.


To avoid getting the horrible shininess common in wool or dark fabrics, use a damp cloth or tea towel to protect the trousers: Lay the cloth or towel over the trouser leg, and iron through it.
A good steam iron at the right temperature should avoid this problem.

Step 6: One leg at a time

Flip one leg back and concentrate on the leg that is left.

Do not iron the entire length of the leg in one motion, but focus on small sections of the leg, slowly working down from the pockets in circular motions. This will avoid stretching the trousers.

If there is a crease running down the length of the trousers from the last time you pressed them, iron it out.

Step 7: The second leg

Bring back the other leg, ensuring the inseams are still lined up. Repeat the ironing motion with this leg.

Step 8: Repeat

Turn the trousers over on the ironing board to iron the other side of the legs, careful to keep the inseams lined-up. As before, flip the top leg back, iron the 1st leg, and bring the 2nd leg back to iron that.

Step 9: Creating a crease

Not all trousers have a built in crease. If you wish to iron in a crease at the front of the trousers, make sure that you position the inseams and the side seams directly over each other as to ensure that the crease at the front of the legs will be central.

To create a longer-lasting crease at the front, you must use a pressing solution.

Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water. Cover the crease with a thin cloth and spray it with the solution. Press a small section of the cloth at a time, lifting and lowering the iron, until the press cloth is dry. Once you have finished ironing, remove the cloth.

Allow the crease to dry thoroughly before moving the trousers from the ironing board.

Step 10: Neatly Ironed

Don't forget to switch your iron off, and let it cool down for a few minutes before putting it away.

If you're not wearing the trousers straight away, place them on a hanger and they'll be ready to wear the next time you need them.