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How To Join Crocheted Motifs

How To Join Crocheted Motifs

Once you have made a number of crochet motifs, you might want to join them together into a quilt. In this step by step guide Bee Clinch, crochet and craft tutor at Makedomenders, shows you how to join pieces together without cutting the yarn.

You will Need

  • square crochet motifs
  • yarn
  • crochet hook


Slipknot the yarn onto your hook; then start at the last stitch at the top right hand corner of your motif, slip stitching onto the square, and following it with a chain. Continue by double crocheting into each stitch around 3 sides of the square.

Once you have double crocheted along 3 sides, hold the square with the wrong side facing you. Take the next square motif you want to join to this one, match the stitches, and double crochet between the corresponding back loop of the stitches of the new square and the double crocheted edge of the first square.

Once you have joined the first square to the second square, continue to double crochet along the next edge of the second square, and join a third square motif. Repeat with the fourth square; then double crochet around the outside of all 4 motifs to finish off.