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How To Juggle 3 Balls

How To Juggle 3 Balls

Learn how to Juggle 3 Balls. A beginners guide into the art of juggling three balls. Amaze your friends with this new skill!

Step 1: Find somewhere spacious

If you have to practice inside put away all your fragile valuables

Step 2: Balls

Get some balls that are not too light and not too big. If you are just starting to juggle it is best to use small balls filled with sand.

Step 3: One ball

Throw the ball 1 from one hand to the other at head height. Get used to the feel and weight of the ball. Do not throw too high into the air. Try to introduce a gentle circular movement

Step 4: Two balls

Start with throwing Ball 1 to your left hand at your head height

Step 5: Swap

Before Ball 1 reaches the left hand release Ball 2 towards your right hand and catch. Repeat this a couple of times.

Step 6: Three balls

Place two balls in your right hand and another one in the left

Step 7: Starting

Throw Ball 1 towards left hand at head height

Step 8: Swap again

When Ball 1 is about to arrive in the left hand, release Ball 2 from left hand towards the right hand.

Step 9: Third ball

When Ball 2 is about to arrive in the right hand, release Ball 3 back into the left hand. Catch both balls.

Step 10: Practice

Keep repeating steps 7,8 and 9 till you get used to the movement, then stop catching the balls at the end and continue juggling as long as you can. Increase the speed with practice.