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How To Keep Cats Out Of Flower Beds

How To Keep Cats Out Of Flower Beds

This video gives you a few examples about how to avoid cats coming into flower beds. Your pet cats and stray cats won't go near your flower beds again.

Often, people have problems with cats coming into their garden and going to toilets in flower beds. Just a few examples of what you can do to avoid that, use glass bottles half filled with water that got to be cleaned, place them around the flowerbeds, the refection in the glass, cats hate so they tend to avoid garden areas. You don't have to do it long term, it's just enough until cats coming in.

Another thing you can do is to plant lemon citric plants. Again, cats hate lemon smell so you can get various plants from plant centers, just put a few or dust it around the flower beds. Another thing is perhaps put netting around the plants, just making sure they can't get to the roots of the plants and dig around.

Also, to avoid putting like plates of soil when you're digging up your garden, people tend to put that in digging in the soil. Cats like soft soil. Basically, it replicates the litter dry.

You'll tend to get soft soils that the cats go to the toilet to urinate and defecate, so avoid that area, and those are some tips to avoid cats coming into your flower beds and going to toilets in your flower beds. Just a recap, put some glass bottles in flower beds to avoid them coming in, plant some lemon plants just to avoid smells, put netting around the plants and avoid soft soil because that will take on cats to urinate and defecate and go to toilet. And that's how to avoid cats coming into flowerbeds. .