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How To Keep Chickens

How To Keep Chickens

This is a video on how to keep chickens at home it's simple and anyone interested in poultry will gain from this video.

The first thing to think about when keeping chickens is what area of ground you've got available for them. Are they going to be in the end of the garden? Will you be fencing off a little bit out of your garden? Have they got to be in an enclosed area with an integral run like this one over here? Most people now especially in the towns have got foxes that will apparently jump across the gardens. So that's the most important thing and how much ground can you have available for this hens.

There are all sorts of systems around but having decided where your heart is going to be and certainly if you allow if you've got something like 8 by 6 ft you certainly wouldn't want more than perhaps 4 hens and do bear in mind that if especially you have hybrid chickens which are the cross chickens that have been bred especially for laying eggs. They are going to give you 3 to 4 eggs per day and it is amazing how quickly they mount up. So the only thing to be born in mind when you are thinking about having your chickens.

First things to do you do need to put some bedding down here to catch the dropping. We use shavings like these. I always say to people anything that you can get for free most

to give away is shavings you could use shredding newspaper.

It has to be soft with shavings not too hard on their feet. So you put them on the base of their feet you patch like this. Your patches you could have your patches across there you would say normally about 8 inches per bird.

They do cuddle up together so you never need to give you chickens any heat in the winter and then you have the nest box in the end here so it is easier to collect the eggs. Put some more wood shavings in here and you shouldn't ever really need to clean up the nest. That should stay nice and clean.

As far as feed goes you must give them a proprietary food layers marsh or layers pellets which is very very important if you want to get the best out of your hands that you give them a good protein level at least 16% protein. We use layers marsh a lot of the time which is just like that it has lots of wheat and corn and maize and soya and has been scientifically put together the best out of your hands to get the best egg laying ability. You can use layers pellets because there is less wastage and they can't pick out the bits that they like and perhaps that might be an important part of their diet.

but it is important that you keep but you don't give them a lot of extra wheat or corn it will upset the balance at the expense of not eating your layers pellets and they need about 100g per bird per day and you would just pour this where there will be the mushroom pellets just pour that.

We feed morning and afternoon whatever suits you. Chicken love routine so if you want to feed them in the morning that's absolutely fine.

But you would just pour it in the middle here dry you can give it to them wet and they can peck at it as it goes and then the most important thing of all is that they must have lots of water. The chicken must never run out water because an egg is 75% water for a start terribly important for their health at first. So again I will always say to people have a proprietary water container.

They are very good because they hold water

during the day. This is a two and a half liter run so it will be fine for 2 to 3 hens which will be fine. These ones here are four liters you pour the water in turn it upside down and little legs there but at least you if you fill that up and they must have fresh water every morning.

If you fill that up you know they will have plenty of water during the day and you will just put that in the one in there.

The other thing that is important to them is the oyster shell and the grit to start with they will be getting grit out of your ground chickens will always find some grit around. But half the time they will have every little grit which is left probably.

So it is important that you give