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How To Keep Sandals From Slipping Off Your Feet

How To Keep Sandals From Slipping Off Your Feet

This film is to give those of you who can't keep your sandals on some quick tips to staying on your feet. How to stop sandals from slipping off your feet- it's easy after you've watched this video.

Step 1: The Right Fit

The most important thing when purchasing any shoe, is proper fit. Make sure your sandals aren't too long or too short. If any, or all of your toes hang over the front of your sandal, they are too short. On the other hand, if your sandals are too long, you might slip, and you could end up twisting an ankle.

Step 2: No Stockings

Fashion don't number one: never wear stockings with sandals. It's a mystery why they even make "sandal toe" stockings, probably just to see if we fall for it.

Step 3: Insoles

Insoles are the secret to keeping your sandals slippage-free. There are many different types and colors of insoles to choose from. With an open shoe like a sandal it's best to be discreet, and go with a clear insole.

Step 4: Placement Is Everything

For maximum adhesion, make sure the inside of your shoe is clean and dry before inserting your insoles. Then, line up the heel of the insole with the heel of the shoe and press down firmly.