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How To Keep Score In Bowling

How To Keep Score In Bowling

This VideoJug film shows you how to keep score in a bowling match, as well as other beginner tips.

Hi, my name is Sam, I've been a bowler for twenty years, and today, we're here at Rowans Finsbury Park and today, I will show you how to bowl. If you and your friends and family go to a bowling center, you usually get up to six to eight people a lane. The most common terms are strike, spare, and even a split.

A strike is worth ten points plus your next two balls, a spare is worth ten plus your very next ball, and a split is usually a square or circle around your score to say that the pins are more than a ball width away. The impossible shot. So you can get one to eight players per lane.

You get ten frames per game, two shots per frame if needed. A maximum score in bowling is 300. Twelve strikes.

When you go to your local bowling center, most people like to type in a nickname or some kind of funny name so I'm just going to enter "Ace". So I'm going to type in "Ace". And there we go.

If you or your friends or family get a good score, you can always get a print out on your control desk. .