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How To Keep Your Hair Silky And Smooth In Humidity

How To Keep Your Hair Silky And Smooth In Humidity

Stylist Robert Steinken has handled the famous hair of such celebrities as Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, and Sandra Bullock, and now he's going to show you how to handle your hair. So whether it takes you hours to get your hair straight or you roll out of bed with it, learn the tricks to keep your hair silky, smooth, and frizz-free, even in humidity.

Step 1: You will Need

* Well-conditioned hair.
* A leave-in conditioner
* A comb
* Clips
* A Large Round Brush
* A Blow dryer
* An anti-humectant or silicone-based serum
* A anti-humectant shine spray
* And, for even more frizz fighting protection, a flat iron.

Step 2: Wash & Condition

Frizzy hair is actually damaged hair. Before you can fight the frizz, you must repair your hair and ensure that it's well-conditioned. If your hair is thick and wavy, you'll want to use a deep conditioner, one that moisturizes and smoothes your hair. If your hair is fine, try a volumizing conditioner to keep your hair from falling flat.

Step 3: Frizz-Free Products

In your quest to remain frizz-free, you'll need some products. Look for those with labels like "anti-humectant", "anti-humidity", "smoothing" and "shine". Apply the product evenly through your hair, gently coating each strand.

Step 4: Blow Dry Prep

Part your hair into sections with a comb. Twist each section of hair into a knot and secure with a clip. That way, you can blow out one small section at a time and keep the others wet.

Step 5: The Big Blow Out

Unclip a section of hair and wrap it around a large round brush. With your blow dryer, apply heat to the root of the hair from above and below. Continue blow drying each section until your hair is dry, straight and classy. Unfortunately girls, there are no shortcuts here.

Step 6: More Frizz Protection

Once your hair is dry, you'll want to seal it with an anti-humectant serum or silicone spray. If your hair is coarse, go for the serum. But watch out - avoid cream-based styling products when your hair is dry. They will add moisture and wave back into the hair you just straightened. If your hair it's fine, try a spray. It's less likely to weigh down your hair.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

For a truly polished look, consider finishing your hair with a flat iron. The heat not only straightens, but seals your hair. Hairspray is optional.