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How To Kick A Football

How To Kick A Football

One of the basic techniques involved in playing football - how to kick the ball - is described in this video. So, level up your football kicking skill.

In this video, I am going to show you how to kick a football. When you go to kick a football, you always kick it with the laces facing out and always from the ground. Once the holder has put the football down with the laces facing out, when the kicker comes in and places his plant foot beside the football, with his instep to the side of the football, he will then bring his other foot, his kicking foot through, to strike the back of the football.

So, in full, it looks like this. From the place of the football, the kicker will line up with his plant foot, and take three steps backwards and two steps to the side. He is now ready to kick the football.

And that is how you kick a football. .