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How To Kill Squirrels

How To Kill Squirrels

In this video, a professional pest exterminator will tell you a few things about the law and methods used for capturing squirrels in your garden or in your home.

There's a funny law which rules you're not allowed to catch a squirrel and re-release it by law. If you did, you'd be breaking the law and you could be prosecuted. So, the only option really is if you're going to be removing squirrels, either from the garden or from your home, is to trap them and actually humanely dispatch them.

What we use is a trap such as this. Again, all traps in the UK have to be approved by law for the animal that you're trying to capture. In this case, this is approved for squirrels, and this trap would be set, it would be placed off of the ground in an area that is not going to pose a threat to children, or pets, or other animals, such as foxes or birds.

You'd position this so that the squirrel - you position it off the ground, you've got a couple of lugs on the back, so you can fix it either to a fence or to a tree. It'll hang like this, and the squirrel goes up inside, and the mechanism closes on the squirrel, kills it instantly, the animal doesn't suffer. I'm going to show you how to set this particular trap.

Basically, you've got this bar; this is the bar that comes down. Good thing with this is you can't catch your fingers. That's now primed, ready to go.

Now, what you would do is you put the side door back on, to prevent anything getting into the side of it, and along comes your squirrel, and it pushes this mechanism here, and you've now, obviously, got yourself a captured squirrel. Like I say, they're instant, the animal doesn't suffer, and this type of trap is approved for the purpose of capturing squirrels. .