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How To Kiss A Guy

How To Kiss A Guy

You have to be very gentle and careful when you want to kiss a guy. Make yourself look really good, your lips kissable, and show through body language. Here's how.

I'm going to show you, girls, how to kiss a guy. First of all, the number one thing people would do before they kiss someone is look at the other person's lips. They might not do it obviously, they might do subconsciously and very quickly but they will have a look at your lips before they kiss you.

Make sure your lips are really kissable. We all pay lots of attention to the way our hair looks, our makeup, maybe what we wear, however, we neglect our lips, get hold of some lip balm if your lips are a bit chapped, a bit flaky or don't look too kissable. Make your mouth look as full as possible.

We're going to make your lips and your mouth look really, really sensual. As you know, all guys need a kick at the back side when they are about to kiss someone. They're often too terrified to do it themselves so it doesn't matter if maybe you take the lead a little bit.

Match his stands, mirror his body language, keep your posture open, keep your shoulders back, don't fold your arms and when you talk to him, don't talk into the ground or look away when you talk. It might be really scary talking to a guy you really fancy but keep his eye contact. If you can keep someone's eye contact, it's 150 percent easier to kiss them.

I absolutely promise you. If you have trouble keeping his eye contact, practice keeping eye contact with people you don't even fancy. Think about it.

The more you practice the eye contact, the easier it will be talking to somebody and keep eye contact with somebody you really, really fancy. Once you've been holding his eye contact for a while, initiate some contact, be playful, do lots of light touching. If you're scared to initiate touching, maybe go for a light touch on the shoulder, maybe a light touch on the wrist or the forearm.

If you're feeling really brave, maybe you can touch lightly his face, laugh at his jokes, have fun, show that you're flirtatious and enjoying his company. Once you've initiated his contact, once you've done a lot of light touching on his arms, you've got his hand on his wrist, maybe you're holding hands, now is the time to lead him for the kiss. You're not going to steam him, you're not going to grab him and snog his face of what you've seen in teen shows like in films and in Hollywood blockbusters.

You're going to use lots of time and lots of softness. When you go in for your first kiss, you can be really tensed and nervous, relax all your muscles in the face and the softer your face is and the softer your lips are, the better, because you don't have any intention in there. You don't want to feel like your face is hard, you want to feel like the nicest softest face he's ever kissed.

Relax yourself. Also use lots and lots of time. You don't have go in and grab him.

Take your time. Let your lips sit on his lips before you make any kissing motion and then go into general kissing motions. You don't have to start chewing his face off or anything.

The next thing you can use in your kiss is your tongue. Now, that might sound really scary to use your tongue when kissing someone. And you might sound scary to think, “Oh my god, what's going on in there when people are kissing? What are they doing with their tongues?” Don't worry about it.

As we said, we're going to be taking our time when we kiss someone because the slow kisses are the most sensual kiss you can do. When you've started kissing, slip your tongue gently into their mouth. You don't have to cram the whole of your tongue in there.

You're just going to prod lightly with your tongue, just going to taste your way in. A good kiss is soft, it's gentle, it's really, really slow. You're not going to ram your tongue down anybody's throat.

If he responds by putting his tongue back into your mouth, probably slightly more, enjoy how it feels, be intimate, be sensual and feel your way in. And that's just a bit of advice on how to kiss a guy. .