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How To Kiss For The First Time

How To Kiss For The First Time

Don't let nerves ruin your first kiss. Follow VideoJug's guide to the perfect kiss, and kiss for the first time the way you always imagined.

Step 1: Imagine

Don't worry. We've all got an in-built ability to kiss -
even primates do it. So it's a natural phenomenon,
a bit like breathing, that is difficult to get wrong, and takes a surprisingly little amount of thought.

Evolution and Mother Nature are on your side - a powerful combination, when all that's going against you are a few nerves, and maybe bad breath.
Get yourself in the right frame of mind. Instead of dwelling on potential problems, imagine everything going really well. And when the big moment arrives your positive thinking will take over.

Step 2: Make it happen

Shyness is a natural part of your first kiss, and this will only be made more embarrassing by having an audience. Do what you can to escape sniggering friends and find some privacy.
If you're so shy you find it difficult to even be near the person you secretly like,
think of various kissing related games, such as 'spin the bottle' - where you spin a bottle on the ground, and whoever it points at, you must kiss. Or play Sardines, which doesn't involve kissing, but gives you the chance to seek out the person you want to kiss and hide with them.
If it's December, use Christmas to your advantage and grab some mistletoe.

Step 3: The signs

Try not to worry about rejection, because by looking for certain signs, you can decipher the other person's feelings.
If they're gazing into your eyes and smiling, there's a good chance they'll be receptive to a kiss.
Teasing, making jokes, and giving you a lot of attention are also good signs.
If you want someone to kiss you, give them a clue by flirting and getting close physically. Find an excuse to touch them. If they're still reticent, simply tell them you want to kiss them. Even if they're not interested, they'll be flattered, and it's very unlikely they'll run away screaming.

Step 4: If things go wrong

So your confidence hasn't failed you, but what if your technique does? Well hopefully it won't if you've watched VideoJug's 'How to Kiss Someone Passionately'. But as it's your first time, things may not go exactly according to plan. So you might find you end up banging teeth, or getting a bit too sloppy
If any of this happens, just laugh it off... and if the other person is cruel about it, they're probably not worth kissing anyway.