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How To Kiss Your Boyfriend

How To Kiss Your Boyfriend

For some girls, kissing a boy for the very first time can be a daunting experience because a lot of things can go wrong and they'll end up turning off the guy. Watch this two-and-a-half-minute VideoJug clip and pay attention as Mary Daniels, a.k.a. "The Life Chef", is going to give you some tips on how to kiss your boyfriend.

Today, I'm to talk to you about how to kiss your boyfriend. Now, it can be very daunting especially if it's the first time that you've ever kissed a boy, as to how's it going to be, what is the right position to be in, and I think you really need to just, first of all, relax. Normally, if you feel very relaxed, then it tends to happen quite naturally.

There are few sort of housekeeping rules that I would say. It's make sure that you do have fresh breath. Nobody likes to kiss anybody that has really, really bad breath, and some guys could be really polite and won't say anything, but you can tell from their body language, and others can be incredibly direct, and that's the last thing that you want to hear.

Also make sure that your whole personal appearance, in terms of your body odor, is fresh. Because when someone's getting that close to you, they don't really want to be smelling anything else apart from your sweet perfumes, so ladies, make sure that the odor coming out from your body and your mouth is bang on. If you get that sorted and you're relaxed, the next thing you really want to do is make sure that you're in an environment where you don't feel very self-conscious.

So, you don't really want to be doing your first kiss in a public place, unless you have the confidence to follow through, and try to clear your head and not focus on what he's thinking, whether he's enjoying it, you really want to keep it sort of a soft lingering kiss, so try and keep your mouth closed. I would actually recommend for your first kiss, if it's your first time, watch what you're doing with your teeth. You don't want them to think that you're eating them for lunch, or you're starving.

We don't want to have any sort of wet, soggy lips, you know, that we don't want them to think that they are kissing their pet. So, it's really about just making sure you're relaxed, you don't make it too complicated, you really just focus on being present. Watch how your head goes in, don't take them by surprise, let them know you're about to kiss them, and it might be nice to have a kiss after you've had a cuddle, and really just enjoy it.

I think the main thing is enjoy it, and if it's natural and you're enjoying it, you'll be perfectly okay. So, that's a few tips, really, on how to kiss your boyfriend! So if you'd like any more advice on this subject, then please feel free to visit www dot thelifechef dot com and sign up for one of our free 30-minute taster sessions. Thank you. .